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Podiatrist & Foot & Ankle Surgeon located in Linwood and Mays Landing, NJ

Go Feet
About Go Feet

At Go Feet, experienced podiatrist Stuart W. Honick, DPM, PT, offers complete podiatry care to people of all ages in Linwood and Mays Landing, New Jersey. 

Dr. Honick brings over 25 years of experience in foot and ankle care to the practice. He diagnoses and treats various conditions, including ankle sprains, bunions, neuropathy, and diabetic feet. 

As a board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Honick has extensive training in noninvasive and advanced surgical techniques. Even so, he takes a conservative, patient-centered treatment approach whenever possible, emphasizing education and healthy lifestyle changes. 

People across Atlantic County visit Go Feet to access cutting-edge therapeutics and treatments. Dr. Honick is one of the only podiatrists in the area offering 3D laser scanning for custom orthotics, UltraMIST® low-frequency wound care, and PADnet lower extremity peripheral vascular disease (PVD) testing. 

Dr. Honick never rushes appointments and spends quality time with each individual. His friendly demeanor and compassionate bedside manner make him a favorite of children and adults alike. 

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