More time outdoors, time at the pool and beach, and warm, sunny weather can be challenging for your feet. At Go Feet, we want you to keep your feet healthy and beautiful. Follow these tips to support your hard working dogs this summer.

Avoid barefoot walking

Bare feet can burn on hot pool deck surfaces or the sidewalk. Going barefoot increases your chances of suffering injury and can increase the chance you’ll pick up an infection, such as warts, ringworm, or athlete’s foot.

Choose supportive shoes

Flip flops bought for a bargain can cause foot and ankle pain. Instead, prepare to invest a little more to get good arch support and a deep, supportive heel cup. Supportive flip flops and sandals promote good biomechanics while allowing your toes and feet to air out in the hot weather.

Keep feet protected in the water

Wear beach shoes or specially made water shoes when going into polls or open water. They’ll offer some protection from hazards such as broken glass, coral, bottle caps, and boardwalk splinters.

Pick smart shoes for your activity

If you’re participating in fun summer activities, such as rock-climbing, volleyball, or boating, wear shoes appropriate for your adventure. This protects your feet from injury, including sprained ankles and keeps you performing at your best.

Don’t forget a good pair of socks

If you’re wearing shoes that require socks, choose those made with acrylic or synthetic fibers. These will absorb excess moisture and sweat best, protecting you from fungal infections and painful blisters.

Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water to keep your whole body hydrated, including your feet. Without enough water, your feet are more likely to swell.

Apply sunscreen

If you’re wearing barely there sandals or sunning yourself in a pool chair, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your feet. Reapply a broadband SPF 15 version often, especially after swimming or sweating.

Moisturize your toes

Your feet aren’t protected by socks all the time and are more prone to the elements. This can cause them to dry out, so apply moisturizer after showers and before bed.

Maintain dry shoes and socks

Don’t slog around in wet shoes and socks. If your footwear does get wet, remove it and don’t put it back on until it’s dry. Wearing wet shoes and socks increases your chance of developing a fungal infection.

Keep up with summer pedicures

A nice pedicure makes your feet look pretty and protects their health. You’ll have a healthy cut to your nails, avoid hangnails, and get rid of flaky skin. Change any polish often to prevent yellowing of your nails.

Don’t let a problem with your feet ruin your summer. Smart preventive actions keep your feet healthy, but if you should develop any problem or suffer an injury, don’t hesitate to contact Go Feet in Mays Landing, or Linwood, New Jersey. Our expert podiatry team can heal you and get you back to summer fun as soon as possible.

If needed, call the most convenient location, or book an appointment using the convenient online tool.

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