MLS laser therapy uses light energy to reduce inflammation and stimulate your tissues to heal. The laser energy enters damaged cells to stimulate recovery, regeneration, and healing. At Go Feet, our expert team of podiatrists uses MLS laser therapy to treat a wide range of foot and ankle problems.

Here’s how you can benefit from this advanced technology.

1. MLS laser therapy treats a wide variety of conditions

At Go Feet, MLS therapy is an effective way to address many common inflammatory and musculoskeletal disorders. You get treatment for:

  • Tendon and ligament injuries
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Neuromas
  • Arthritis
  • Sports injuries
  • Muscle pain, strains, and tears
  • Degenerative joint conditions
  • General pain and bruising
  • Tendonitis

The laser therapy even helps heal ulcers and open wounds.

2. MLS laser therapy is accurate

The energy delivered by the MLS laser is controlled and programmable. The podiatric team customizes your sessions’ intensity and duration to optimize your healing.

Your provider programs just the right therapeutic amount into the device for your treatment needs. The dosage is repeatable at future appointments so you get consistent results.

3. The MLS laser is proven effective

MLS laser therapy is FDA-cleared and has a great track record in alleviating acute and chronic pain. With an 85-90% efficacy rate, MLS laser therapy can replace prescription medications when it comes to relieving pain. It also heals you from many ailments without surgery, saving you additional pain and recovery time.

4. The MLS laser leads to faster healing

The powerful energy from the MLS laser delves beneath the surface of your skin to affect deep cells.This helps accelerate cellular growth and reproduction throughout several layers of tissue.

You experience greater vascular activity, metabolic activity, and fibroblast development, all resulting in an accelerated healing process.

5. The MLS laser offers improved surgical recovery

MLS laser therapy helps your body heal faster from surgeries for bunions, hammertoe, or other foot conditions. The use of MLS therapy also reduces scar formation.

6. The MLS Laser has no side effects

The MLS laser treatments also carry no risks or side effects. You don’t have to worry about worrisome drugs or surgical infection. You get risk-free pain relief and healing.

7. Improved nerve function

Damaged tissue often interferes with nerve function. Treatment with the MLS laser improves nerve cell connections, improving nerve cell function and reducing progressive nerve degeneration.

This makes MLS therapy a fantastic treatment for people with diabetic neuropathy. The laser treats pain and numbness, but also helps slow further progression of the condition.

Go Feet was the first podiatry practice in southern New Jersey to use the MLS robotic laser to produce dramatic healing effects. We invested in this technology because we believe it is truly representative of the standard of care a podiatry practice should provide.

Most patients need 6-10 treatments total to achieve optimal healing and recovery. We usually offer these twice or three times a week over the course of a few weeks. The treatment is painless, so you can relax as you receive your care.

The team at Go Feet with offices in Mays Landing, and Linwood, New Jersey, is here to help you with all your foot and ankle needs. Call one of our convenient Go Feet locations in the Mays Landing, and Linwood, New Jersey areas. You can also use the online tool to schedule an appointment.

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